Ottawa and Perth, Ontario, Canada

Original art works by printmaker Susan Cartwright

Relief Prints

Relief printing was my introduction to printmaking in 2015 (unless you count my lino cuts in high school!). An image is carved into the plate or block using a variety of tools and techniques. It is the remaining surface of the plate or block that is inked before printing. I use wood blocks, linoleum (lino) and Sintra (a PVC foam board). I also print with natural materials like tree trunks, leaves, vegetables and dried flowers - anything with appealing texture.

Lino cuts are now my favourite relief printing medium. I enjoy making both the graphic black and white prints, as well as multi-block and colour reduction prints. Multi-block printing involves using multiple plates to transfer colours to the paper. Reduction prints (also known as suicide prints!) involve carving the plate after each colour, normally working from light to dark colours, and printing each colour on top of the last. The very courageous combine multiple blocks with reduction.

A word about numbering and editions. A numbered edition is a series of prints that are as similar as possible. A variable edition (V.E.) is where different colours, Chine Collé or over printing, for example, are introduced. A unique print is exactly that - a one-off.