Ottawa and Perth, Ontario, Canada

Original art works by printmaker Susan Cartwright

Intaglio Prints

After making relief prints, I began to learn about intaglio printmaking. In this case, ink is forced down into the etched or carved portions of the plate and the paper is usually dampened before printing, resulting in better ink transfer from the recessed areas, and embossment of the paper. This type of printmaking is usually done with a press.

My intaglio prints are drypoint etchings (using an acrylic plate), etchings on zinc plates, and inked Sintra plates. I sometimes add Chine Collé, multi viscosity inks, and etching techniques such as aquatint, lift ground, soft ground.

Collagraphs are more experimental in nature, usually made using cardboard (as for matting or mounting prints) and carving into it and/or gluing materials onto it. The plate is then sealed and inked intaglio, before printing onto dampened paper.